We are Forum, one of the brands under Nowy Styl. We have been providing seats and telescopic grandstands for large stadiums and sports halls, concert halls, cinemas, theatres and auditoriums for more than a dozen years now.

Do you want to learn more about our offer, talk to our representative or discover the possibilities of cooperation? We invite you to contact us.

We have knowledge, practical experience and possibilities that stand behind our unique know-how. We advise our clients on arranging spaces by choosing effective solutions and products. Discover challenges of contemporary offices and find out how we can respond to them together.

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Who are we?

We are Forum, one of the brands under Nowy Styl – a European leader in the sector of office furniture.

We appreciate emotions and we realise it is important how and where you experience them. We have been providing seats and telescopic grandstands for large stadiums and sports halls, concert halls, cinemas, theatres and auditoriums for more than a dozen years now. Ergonomics, design, acoustics, safety and durability – we guarantee top quality products and we have references from all over the world to prove it.

How do we work?

The seats and telescopic grandstands you can find in our folder are just a starting point, though. We consider each order individually and prepare a comprehensive offer, because each facility has its own specific features: function, size, capacity or acoustic parameters. We work on a project-by-project basis – we suggest and select the best solutions to match specific interiors, and if needed, we can modify our basic products or even come up with something brand new. We have considerable experience in this respect – we have completed projects that required advanced tests and research, including acoustic and stress tests.


What can we do?


Our portfolio includes a few hundred facilities all over the world – from smaller, cosy halls to large arenas that can hold a few thousand people. Our products are used by fans watching unforgettable games, audiences at the premières of major film productions or brilliant concerts, as well as during lectures delivered by outstanding speakers. See who can experience emotions in comfort.

We are a reliable business partner. Our extensive experience in working with companies from across the globe and the passionate approach to our tasks is a guarantee of success for our clients. We are flexible. We comprehensively respond to our clients’ needs and support businesses in taking decisions on a daily basis.

Groupama Arena


Akwa Ibom Stadium


Bavarian State Opera


Coca-Cola Andina


Functional and aesthetic – this is what we want our products to be.

Our stadium seats are comfortable and sturdy, telescopic grandstands are safe and unfold easily, our concert hall or theatre seat attract attention with their design and conform to acoustic requirements, our cinema seats are innovative, modern and comfortable, and our ergonomic auditorium compositions guarantee comfort and pleasant experience for many hours of lectures or conferences. This is how we understand “design”.


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