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A sustainable office with the Nowy Styl Group

We have published our CSR Code, a non-financial report for 2016-2017. Prepared in line with the GRI standards and verified by Deloitte auditors, the report is a tool we use to transparently communicate our impact on communities, the economy and the environment to our business customers. The report also shows how our standards support the creation of sustainable office spaces.

“We prepare the report with our entire environment in mind, but especially for our employees and customers. Our clients are primarily businesses, and very often they are international organizations for which product safety, compliance with environmental standards and the liability of the supplier are the prerequisites of cooperation. Therefore, in this year's report we place emphasis on the standards they expect and we show how we can help them deliver on their own sustainable development strategy by supporting them in creating optimally designed offices” says Alina Szastok who coordinated the team preparing the CSR Code report.


CSR Code 2016-2017 is the company’s third global social responsibility report released in the last six years. In the report, we lay out our strategy of sustainable development, account for the achievement of targets and present detailed quantitative and qualitative data.

Health, quality and product safety

The Nowy Styl Group carries out most of its qualitative research in its in-house laboratories in Jasło, which is constantly modernized. In this way, the conformity of our products with more than 20 European standards is confirmed. However, the market is increasingly requiring external certification, especially in German-speaking countries and Scandinavia. GS, NF Office Excellence, Quality Office, Ergonomie Gepfrüft, Toxproof and Blue Angel – the number of certificates in our portfolio is growing constantly.

Green office

A green office is not only about an interior full of plants, but also eco-friendly furnishings.

Our customers have the option to buy furniture made from eco-materials: FSC-certified wood, bamboo, fabrics labelled with the EU Flower or Oeko-Tex® mark, and wool upholsteries Blazer and Synergy bearing the Wools of New Zealand mark for sustainable sheep husbandry. 100% of plastic parts made by the Nowy Styl Group are recyclable. Most of plastic production waste is processed into items such as armrests, covers or frames.

For many years, our manufacturing processes have been subject to the environmental management standard ISO 14001. In addition, a voluntary eco-management and audit scheme EMAS was implemented at the Voigtei plant serving the German market in 2017.


Our environmental objectives are focused on organic production and efficient transport of goods. Thanks to new packaging technologies only, we managed to reduce our stretch film consumption by 15% in 2016-2017, and the use of double-decker semi-trailers for the transport of chairs and furniture improved the use of loading space.

In line with the guidelines of circular economy, we are also changing our own processes for the development of new products. The designers and design engineers of Xilium, a line of chairs implemented this year, have set themselves clear objectives to extend the life of the product:

  • increase the durability of the chair (which translated to a longer warranty period),

  • a simple way of replacing components and managing their availability,

  • easy breakdown of components into materials, along with instructions and information on what percentage of the product is recyclable,

  • a full list of materials used in the production of chairs from this line.


Ergonomics and wellbeing

At our company, thinking about ergonomics starts from designing furniture so as to ensure its positive impact on end users’ health. The ergonomic sit-to-stand chairs and desks that allow the user to work in a standing position are made in line with international health standards. But that is not all.

“The culture of being fit is widespread today. A balanced diet and physical exercise - employees are aware of the things that can keep them in good health and well-being, and they are looking for these things in their work environment. Therefore, when designing office solutions we don’t just focus on ergonomics in the physical sense, but we also think about the psychological aspect. We create solutions that allow for a variety of activities. High tables for quick meetings, sofas and loungers in regeneration rooms, ergonomic hockers – employees can choose where and how they would like to perform their tasks” says Karolina Manikowska, Director of the Product Management Department. 

Office ergonomics is the main topic of product trainings at the Nowy Styl Group. In 2016–2017, training sessions were attended by over 2000 people: sales consultants, distributors, customers and finally the end-users of the chairs and furniture.

Sustainable office

As a major expert in the industry, we engage in educating the market on how important office space is in meeting the needs of users and how it can impact the efficiency of business processes.

We also share our knowledge in this area with customers by providing consultancy and workplace research services, as well as inspire the environment in which we operate through research reports, appearance at industry conferences and training.

"For the past several years, the Nowy Styl Group has been consistently leading a number of initiatives for the education of both managers and groups of employees, resulting in a visible improvement of both work ergonomics and the image of the BSS sector as an informed and mature employer” says Wiktor Doktór, President of the Pro Progressio foundation.

About the report

Our CSR Code report presents complete information from the Nowy Styl Group manufacturing companies in Poland, Germany and Switzerland, as well as selected information concerning our companies in the Netherlands, the UK, France and Slovakia for the years 2016 and 2017.  The more than 60 indicators presented in the report were selected based on the expectations of key stakeholder groups (a survey study covering about 150 people), the benchmarking of the Group’s European competitors and in line with the company’s business strategy. Direct supervision of the project was executed by Dariusz Frydrych, Board Member and Operations Director.

The report includes Nowy Styl Group’s strategic objectives in 6 areas: relations with employees, customers, local communities and suppliers, as well as environmental impact and ethical standards.  These objectives are placed in the wider context of civilizational challenges, eg. by showing their consistency with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

We are a privately-owned company and it is not covered by a statutory obligation to disclose non-financial data. The company has been publishing its social responsibility reports for the past six years voluntarily. 

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