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We support the festival that promotes classical music

The third edition of the Young Arts Festival, an event that promotes classical music in an innovative way, is already behind us. Nowy Styl has been supporting the festival, which is becoming more and more popular year by year, from the very beginning.

Three years ago Anna and Bartłomiej Tełewiak, a married couple from Krosno, decided to organise a festival that no one in this city had ever seen.

– While we were sitting at the market square in Krosno, we suddenly came to a conclusion that it looked similar to market squares in Italian towns. Only a summer festival that would add life to the city and attract visitors was missing. Both of us are keen on classical music, which is why we focused on this genre. Another reason standing behind our choice was the fact that people's opinions about classical music must change. Young generations associate it with dust, boredom and antiquity, and this is a false image. Classical music is very diverse; it has many different shades and can be really surprising – they say.

However, it would not have been possible to organise the festival without the support received from the municipal council and sponsors. Nowy Styl was one of the first companies Anna and Bartłomiej turned to for help. – You trusted us and saw our engagement and the potential of the festival. What's more, since that time you have always been with us. Thank you for that – they say.

The event that promotes classical music has fitted into Nowy Styl's current sponsoring activity very well. The list of the projects that have received the company's support includes, among others, the patronage over the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice. The portfolio of Forum, a brand belonging to the Nowy Styl, involves many spectacular auditorium project implementations, including the equipment of the concert hall at the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice.

Nowy Styl's decision to involve in the project and continue supporting it was influenced by the local aspects of the initiative, as well as by the organisers' ambitious plans that were going far beyond the region. The fact that the organisers implement these plans consistently is of huge importance too. – With each edition of the festival, we raise our standards higher and higher. This is very motivating. It may sound immodest, but we dream about the "Open'er Festival" (one of the world's largest entertainment music festivals held in Gdynia for over a dozen years – editorial note) of classical music in Krosno. We dream about a great festival that will attract artists and people from all over Poland and abroad.

Final concert of Young Arts Festival 2018 (photo: Damian Krzanowski)

All the editions of the Young Arts Festival have shown that Anna and Bartłomiej do not waste words. For three years, the city has been living and breathing the festival during the first days of July. Every year, several concerts and other events are held in Krosno. The organisers keep choosing more and more surprising locations for the festival, such as air hangars. They also invite excellent musicians. Krosno has already been visited by Krzesimir Dębski and Leszek Możdżer – world-famous Polish artists in the field of instrumental music.

Other great advantages of the event are happenings, which are spontaneous concerts organised at the market square or in shopping malls, and excellent communication activities (which received the Golden Paper Clip award in 2016 – a very prestigious PR award). They all encourage people to talk about the pushed aside music genre without embarrassment. – For young people, and also for anyone else regardless of their age, taking part in such an event is no longer a "disgrace." The support received from big and recognised companies, such as Nowy Styl, matters a lot in this context – claim the organisers, thanking once again for the trust they gained three years ago and ensuring that they will not rest on their laurels.

Photo: Damian Krzanowski
Photo: Damian Krzanowski
Photo: Damian Krzanowski
Photo: Damian Krzanowski
Photo: Damian Krzanowski
Photo: Damian Krzanowski
Photo: Damian Krzanowski

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