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World Cup in the land of one thousand and one nights

FIFA World Cup is an event that catches everybody’s attention - not only the football fans. It is no different this time, even more so as for the first time, the final of the games will be held in the Middle East, for the first time in November, not to mention the organisation's momentum. For the purposes of the tournament, eight unique stadiums were designed, each of which tells a different story embedded in the culture and tradition of the region.

The World Cup’s jewel

The largest stadium and the main facility of the World Cup is undoubtedly the Lusail Stadium. It will host one of the semi-finals and the closing ceremony. It is the largest stadium in the Middle East and the fifth largest in the world, accommodating over 80,000 fans. Designed by Foster + Partners and AFL Architects, it leaves an indelible impression.





  • Lusail Stadium

  • Capacity: 80, 000

  • Products: Abacus, Omega, Oscar VIP

Lusail - a sustainable design

Lusail is a city located approximately 20 km north of Doha, the capital of Qatar. In the dynamically developing Qatar, it was decided to precisely plan the urbanization of these areas, including the design of the stadium that became, in a way, the centre of this ambitious undertaking. Lusail is to be home to almost half a million inhabitants, while the stadium with its adjacent areas is to blend harmoniously into the landscape and serve the residents. The structure is to be dismantled, elements of the stadium such as chairs will be reused in other facilities in the region, and the space will be filled with shops, schools, cafes and recreational areas.

A tribute to tradition

Each of this year's World Cup stadiums tells the story of local peoples, and the Lusail Stadium is no different. The futuristic shape of the stadium, drawn almost perfectly on a circular plan, resembles a traditional dish of the region - a bowl for dried dates. The unusual façade, dazzling with a golden pattern composed of a repeating triangle motif, is in turn inspired by decorations on Arabian kerosene lamps.


Built for the finals

Lusail Stadium is an unusual, almost fairy-tale facility. From a distance, a shape glistening with the rays of the reflected sun may look like a mirage - nothing could be further from the truth. The stadium is now the focal point of the planned metropolis as well as the star of this year's FIFA World Cup. It is where the final of the tournament will be played, warming up the emotions of football fans from all over the world. One thing is for sure, regardless of the result of the Polish team, Poland will have its accent there - and not just any.

Over 80,000 seats in the stands and almost 2,000 seats in the VIP zones were provided there by the Polish brand Forum, belonging to the European leader in office solutions, the Nowy Styl company.


A double hat trick by Forum by Nowy Styl

Forum by Nowy Styl’s seats fill as many as six out of eight World Cup arenas. They are the flagship products of the brand: Abacus and Omega plastic chairs and an upholstered VIP armchair with increased comfort - Oscar VIP.

In addition to the Lusail Stadium, Polish seats will be available at the Al Janoub, Ahmad bin Ali, Al Bayt, Education City stadiums and the 974 Stadium.

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