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Our products in NINE'S Restaurant owned by Robert Lewandowski and partners

NINE’S is a restaurant in Warsaw, owned by Robert Lewandowski, Jerzy Krzanowski and Jacek Trybuchowski. It’s a fresh and innovative concept of a place where sports fans meet gourmets. It became popular among sports fans and enthusiasts of cuisine. Nowy Styl and Forum by Nowy Styl contributed to the unique vibe of this location by providing a range of products.

Exclusive concept - a restaurant with a sports bar

NINE’S, the long awaited Restaurant and Sports Bar, opened in early October. The building that used to be the Warsaw Brewery now houses a four-storey facility owned by: Robert Lewandowski, Jerzy Krzanowski (co-owner of Nowy Styl) and Jacek Trybuchowski. This is the only such place in Poland: a two-storey restaurant, an event lounge with telescopic grandstands and a giant screen, and a collection of legendary objects related to the history of sport.


NINE’S is an exciting business project and an opportunity for all of us to combine our knowledge, experience and passions. I am really happy that products by Nowy Styl and Forum contribute to the unique atmosphere and concept of this place - says Jerzy Krzanowski, a co-owner of the restaurant and Vice-President of Nowy Styl.


Off-beat stadium seats

Forum by Nowy Styl provides seats for football stadiums all over the world. This time it faced a challenge, when it had to adapt its stadium seats to a restaurant interior, to lend it a genuine sports vibe. The guests can sit on original stadium seats. This model, known as Omega, is found in such sports facilities as the National Stadium in Romania, Hungaroring - the F1 racetrack in Hungary, or the Olympic Stadium in Wrocław.

For the sake of this project, Omega was combined with the frame of the Fondo hocker and Beta chair. This extraordinary solution was a result of extensive consulting sessions of our brand specialists with the architect, Anna Śliwka, who was in charge of arranging the interior of NINE’S. Products by Forum were combined with Nowy Styl chairs to create a perfect solution that fits in with the interior of the bar.


This project was an interesting challenge for us. With a large dose of trust from our clients, we were free to choose the best products and proper finishes – says Grzegorz Szczepek, Project Manager at Forum by Nowy Styl, who was in charge of designing the seats.

In the Sports Bar there are also Abacus chairs – the same model you can find in the World Cup 2022 stadiums in Qatar. Forum provides seating solutions to as many as 6 stadiums, which are going to host football fans from all over the world. Another products you can see in the restaurant is Omicron – the armchair that is usually part of the reserve bench. This time, though, this model has made it to the first team – it’s arranged as a seat for three people and as a single armchair with a special NINE’S logo on the headrest.


Feel the stadium vibes

One of the most interesting places in NINE’S is the Fan Zone – a special area with grandstands, where you can feel as if you were at a real stadium. This is where you will find Abacus chairs - the very same ones that were used at such stadiums as Puskas Arena in Budapest, Allianz Riviera and Parc Olympique Lyonnais in France, as well as a number of Polish sports facilities.

The telescopic tribunes used in NINE’S offers a range of possibilities when it comes to interior arrangement, so that the space can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of events. It can be easily folded and unfolded, it’s fully mobile, but not self-propelled.

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